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How Our Games Work

Games Format

First off, we always play with full teams. Our games consist of 2-hour sessions. When the players arrive, we give everyone a few minutes to warm up as we organize the teams. We then play a king-of-the-court style with the winning team staying on the field. Still, even with this style of play, each team will receive ample playing time. The main reason is that we make sure to balance the teams as fairly as possible. As a result, it’s rare to have one team dominate. Our goal, is to keep each game as evenly matched and fun as possible.

Within the 2-hour session, players will play a multitude of matches with each game lasting 5-7 minutes. From game to game, teams will match up against the various other teams.

Who Can Play?

Anyone from the age of 18 and up can join our games. We have players in their late teens, twenties, and thirties join in our sessions. There is no age limit, so as long as you’re an adult, feel free to join in! Both girls and guys are more than welcome to join! In general, we usually have more guys than girls playing, but we tend to have a few girls playing each game.

In addition, players of all skill levels are welcome to play! We have players who play in adult leagues at every level. There are a few that play in A leagues, while most of our players would fit in a B or C league team. We’re a supportive bunch, so whatever someone’s level, we make it fun and easy to jump in and play.


Our main goal is for everyone to have as much fun as possible. To make this as likely as possible, we have a few rules:

  1. Absolutely no aggressive behavior will be tolerated.

    • That means no malicious tackles or any attempt at intimidation

    • No slide tackling or charging the keeper

    • No taunting or yelling at other players (even ones on your own team)

  2. Come with a good attitude

    • Above all, everyone is there to have fun

    • Players of all skill levels are welcome

    • We encourage high fives and supporting your teammates

  3. Be patient with your teammates

    • The skill levels vary from player to player

    • A teammate might not have as good of a touch as you or have that killer vision, but we ask that everyone remain supportive and patient (players improve, but it takes time)

Who Are The Soccer Addicts?

Who Are The Soccer Addicts?

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